5 things to consider before you decorate your baby’s nursery

July 31, 2017

5 things to consider before you decorate your baby’s nursery

Nursery themes and colors are a hot topic among parents to be. Gentle, muted tones and personalized themes are all the rage, and new moms and dads have every reason to love them. They want to be personally invested in decorating their babies’ rooms. At the same time, they want a balance between form and function.

Choosing nursery décor is important work. Here are some things to consider as you make your child’s room safe, comforting, and fun.


1. You may want to use it for more than one baby…

Considering future scenarios can help you decide what to do with your baby’s nursery. If you’re planning for more children in the future, you may want to use your infant décor for more than one child. If you want to set up the baby’s room and keep it in place for future infants, consider using gender neutral colors that will work for a baby brother or a baby sister.


2. Or it could be your child’s room until college.

It’s bittersweet, but every parent must face reality: Your baby will not always be a baby. If you want your nursery décor to work for your preschooler and elementary-aged child, consider a theme that your child will enjoy for a while.

Animals, for example, make an interesting and tasteful theme that can be used for many years. Using a fun theme and storage that inspires play will make the nursery a great place for development, even as your child grows from a tiny baby to a fun-loving preschooler.


3. You’ll need to strike a balance between rest, play, and learning…

If you plan to use your nursery for both rest time and play time (and who doesn’t?), it’s important to choose colors and a theme that suit that balance.

When it comes to colors, today’s muted, understated colors are fantastic for rest. But consider balancing that peaceful environment with shapes and colors that will stimulate your baby’s mind. Around two months of age, your baby’s brain starts to distinguish colors. Interesting shapes and patterns (like these precious animals) will capture her interest.

Having a variety of colors and patterns in the nursery can help her brain develop. When you use colors that are both gentle and stimulating, you can set up an environment that’s good for baby in many ways.


4. But be sure you can live with the décor.

Any parent will tell you that you’ll be spending hours upon hours in your baby’s nursery. Rocking the baby, changing his diaper, playing with him, reading to him, and trying desperately to get him to sleep all happen in the nursery. And they all happen every day.

Because you’ll be spending so much time there, it’s important to consider what you like. Don’t pick a color just because it’s trendy now; it has to be something you find relaxing and comforting.


5. Above all, you’ll want plenty of storage.

It may not seem obvious at first, but baby and kid stuff adds up quickly. One of the best trends in storage these days is using attractive bins and cubes to store odds and ends.

The great thing about these is that they grow with your child. They may house diapers and wipes in the early stages, but eventually your toddler’s favorite toys and books will take over. Open bins and cubes are easy for even the littlest kids to use. They’ll keep your little one’s room looking neat and make it easy to transition from one activity to the next.


There’s a lot to think about in planning a nursery. Fortunately, today’s trends in storage, colors, and themes lend themselves to creating an environment that’s fun, relaxing, and conducive to learning. The right combination of décor and storage will make your child’s room just right for your family.

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