5 Ways to Create a Warm and Fuzzy Nursery

July 15, 2017

5 Ways to Create a Warm and Fuzzy Nursery

The womb is a pretty cozy place. So, when you bring your baby home from the hospital, you want to recreate a calm, comforting, and welcoming environment for you little one to feel safe and thrive in. While colors and wallpaper help, it’s the little extra details that make all the difference. Read on to learn about five ways to create a warm and fuzzy nursery in your home.

Opt for a Baby Animal Theme

What’s cuter than baby animals? You can subtly add these friendly and fuzzy accents by opting for animal printed throw pillows on your rocker, adorable animal printed storage bins or cubes, or plush animal figures that can sit on your changing table.

Lighting Is Everything

Consider putting a Himalayan salt lamp in your baby’s nursery. Not only does it cast a soft, warm, glow; it helps purify your nursery’s air; and it helps promote better sleep for a baby. Sound too hippy dippy for you? You can’t go wrong with an energy saving light that is controlled by a dimmer switch. Your nursery will love warm and fuzzy in no time as you dim it in the evening (which is also helpful for night time feedings).

Play With Texture

Be sure to add a soft, shaggy rug to your nursery and play with different fabrics for your baby’s bedding. Wool, textured pillows look adorable in any play corner, pom-pom curtains are so sweet, and soft muslin blankets are a must for your baby’s crib and changing table.

Use Sticky Art

Sticky decals are a favorite among moms because they are easy to use, they give their nursery a warm and caring appeal, and they don’t damage walls. Opt to get a single monogram made of your baby’s name to place over their crib; or choose a sweet saying that can adorn any wall-“First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything.”

Add a Family Photo

Keep a framed photo of yourself and your partner by your baby’s crib. It will bring them comfort as they grow and begin to sleep in their crib alone. Later, add more family shots to the nursery of the three of you; and incorporate frames of all shapes, sizes, and colors to walls and shelving systems.

Your baby will spend the majority of their time in their nursery. Why not make it as warm and cozy as the womb they were used to? The five tips above will help you transform any old room into a place of comfort and tranquility for your new baby!

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