7 ways to use a muslin blanket

July 23, 2017

7 ways to use a muslin blanket

Receiving blankets and baby blankets are a long-standing tradition for young families. They say you can’t have too many, and it’s true. The versatility of blankets makes them an absolute must have for any baby—and parent.


Let’s start with the obvious: swaddling. The practice is at least 4000 years old, and it has endured for a reason. Swaddling comforts many newborns, imitating the security of the womb and keeping unruly arms and legs in check.

Muslin blankets are perfect for this; they’re thin and breathable, so your baby won’t get too warm. When the blanket is big enough (like these at 48” x 48”), attaining the perfect swaddle—not too loose and not too tight—is easy.

On-the-go diaper changes

No parent likes to use a public changing table (or worse, a restroom floor) to change a diaper, but it’s unavoidable. Even when you find a clean surface to make the change, you’ll need to protect your baby and the surface.

Changing pads, even fold-up pads, are bulky, taking up space in your diaper bag. And they’re not always washable. Muslin blankets require minimal space and can be tossed in the washer when you get home.

Stroller shade/privacy cover

When you’re out enjoying some fresh air or spending an afternoon running errands, sometimes baby needs some privacy. Draping a muslin blanket over the stroller can help your baby relax and keep well-meaning strangers from getting too close. It can also provide protection from the sun.

Using muslin fabric here is important. The stroller won’t get as hot with a light fabric.

Rolling and play space

Tummy time is super important for little ones. Many babies, however, don’t like it. (Kids have never cared about what’s good for them.) It helps if your baby’s play area is soft and comforting.

A large muslin cloth can provide a soft play space that’s both portable and washable. Bonus: If it’s a cute animal print, your baby can enjoy looking at colorful, fun characters during tummy time.

Burp cloth

Burp cloths are another essential for newborns. All babies come with spit up (some more than others), and it’s better to protect your clothes than to change ten times a day. Of course, there are dedicated burp cloths, but they’re often too small. After all, babies don’t aim.

When you have a muslin blanket in the diaper bag or in a convenient spot at home, you have easy access to a burp cloth that’s large enough to handle anything.

Nursing cover

Whether you’re at home or out in public, a nursing cover often comes in handy. Sometimes you want coverage for you, and sometimes baby needs it to help avoid distraction.

A blanket of the right size and thickness will help keep baby interested in lunch and provide you with privacy if you need it. A light fabric keeps everyone comfortable.

Superhero cape (or cat tail, or princess veil, or…)

What can you do with blankets when your baby gets a little older? When your little one has outgrown tummy time, changing tables, and nursing, the possibilities are up to the imagination.

Blankets are useful as costume items and playtime props. They can be puppet-theater curtains, magician’s cloths, or the sails of a great sailing ship. When your child uses her imagination, there are no limits.

You can never have too many baby blankets.

There’s a reason muslin blankets are popular baby gifts. They’re incredibly useful and versatile. Having several around the house, in the diaper bag, and in the car can make things easier for you and your baby.

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